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Spirit Library (solid perfume)

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Fragrance Category: Woody Floral

Fragrance notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Desert flowers, and the knowledge of 10,000 things

Imagine a library sinking into the desert with an owl spirit as the curator and foxes as knowledge seekers.  If this sounds familiar, then you know of Wan Shi Tong (or He Who Knows 10,000 Things) from manga, Avatar.  This desert library is very evocative of the vanilla smell of old paper, musky fox smell, and desert flowers.

Our perfumer used Tagetes (Tagetes glandulifera), which is also known as Marigold.  Our richly scented Tagetes has a dry herbaceous floral note with fruity undertones. It is blended with the musky Clary Sage Absolute and Tobacco.  We blend Lavender Absolute and Galbanum for a crisp bright top note.  The subtle vanilla base combines with the sandalwood accord to evoke the paper and book notes.  

All our blends are genderful, all natural, and cruelty-free.  Available in 25 ml compact case or 3 ml sample size.  


How to Use

Recommended use on pulse points. Test on small area of skin to determine sensitivity. Keep in a cool area out of the sun. For topical use only. Not recommended for children.



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