The beauty of botanicals is that they are complex, alive, and bring harmony to our life. The luxury of botanicals is their gorgeous ever-changing aromas.

  • Wellness Classes

    I combine my training in environmental science, yoga, and aromatherapy to create the unique and grounded approach to wellness I bring to my classes.

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  • Professional Classes

    I offer a variety of classes and workshops for organizations and professionals on topics ranging from essential oils to meditation and stress reduction.

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  • Custom Natural Perfumes

    Treating yourself to the luxury and alchemy of perfume-grade essential oils is an unrivaled experience in aroma. Book this sensory experience today.

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Headshot of Katherine of Meet the Herb Halfway

Meet Katherine


After suffering from chronic health problems for much of my life, I sought out creative solutions to regain my health. This led me to explore many alternative healing modalities, eventually leading me to a certification in aromatherapy. Botanicals are high-impact, low-cost products that have helped me, and my clients, regain energy and vitality.

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  • Chandra

    "I am amazed at the quality of the ingredients and the effectiveness of the blends. I am buying these products for all my coworkers!"

  • Olga

    "I am so grateful for all the products that Katherine made for me and my husband, all blends she makes are high quality products, 100% organic and the most important thing they are really working!"

  • Kyla

    "I absolutely love all of the products I have tried so far. They are the best!"

NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist

Credentials and professional training matter. NAHA members not only maintain the highest standards in the industry, but also pledge to use essential oils in sustainable ways both for people and the planet.