Workshops & Classes for Professionals

Would your group benefit from a class on essential oil safety or meditation? My three most popular classes for professionals are Essential Oil Safety, Essential Oils for Children and Pregnant Women, and Meditation and Stress Reduction. I also offer workshops on managing client pain with botanicals designed especially for bodyworkers such as massage therapists. I can work with almost any budgets and often do pro bono work for non-profit organizations. If interested, please inquire.


 Title Date/Time Location
How to Make Your Essential Oil Blends Into Botanical Perfumes! September 27, 2021/6:30-7:30 pm Online
Using Meditation and Essential Oils to Unlock Intuition and Creativity October 21, 2021/6:30-7:30 pm Online
Skin Care with Botanicals and Essential Oils November 29, 2021/6:30-7:30 pm Online - Register Here