Sustainability is the Ultimate Gift to Our Mother (Earth)

Sustainability is the Ultimate Gift to Our Mother (Earth)

I once had a healer say to me, “Imagine how much you love the plants. Now imagine that they love you too.” Simple words but a powerful concept.

Essential oils are very popular. But they are very concentrated products. It takes a lot of plant material to make a drop. The ratio of plant material to essential oil yield can be as high as 1:8, but also as low as 1:100 (or even lower in the case of plants like Melissa and Rose).

To stretch higher essential oil’s impact, synergistic herbal oil infused blends can be even more effective if the right blend is designed. An example of this is the special synergy between Katafray (Cedrelopsis grevei) essential oil and St. John’s Wort herbal infusion. The herb must be collected fresh and infused for 3-4 weeks in oil. It produces a beautiful red oil that is well know for helping nerve and overall pain. Adding Katafray helps to extend the length of the blend’s effectiveness.

I also love to add hops essential oil to my pain blends, and it becomes a truly effective pain salve that dissolves even the strongest disbelievers in botanical’s help.

When you use well thought out blends like my Deep Relief, you are honoring the plants that volunteering to help you. Pain salves with low (but effective) dilutions, put less impact on your organs of elimination (such as your liver). This also honor’s your body’s ability to heal. It is a hard won lesson (that I have had to repeat many times) to give myself this room to heal, but I always find that the healing is more gentle and complete. I think we can all imagine the iconic mother that is warm and loving. This is the healing that mother would have wanted.

infused base oils in bottles
I infuse many of my salve and botanical base oils with herbs from my garden or that I forage in the local fields and friend’s properties.