Is There a Botanical Blend for the Realization That Summer is Almost Over

Is There a Botanical Blend for the Realization That Summer is Almost Over

Recently a client asked me (partly in jest) “Is there a remedy for the realization that summer is almost over?  I am looking for a remedy that helps me squeeze out the last remaining drops of the lazy sunshine before summer’s end.”  I told her I understood, because I too love summer.

In the back of my mind at summer’s beginning is the realization that each and every one of these summers with my daughter will be unique. Every summer she gains new skills, insights, and awareness. We went cycling, pony riding, and we regularly swam in lakes.

This summer I taught her the art of telling a ghost story. She delighted in the formula I described – especially the part where almost every good ghost story begins with the compelling nature of rumor. For example, beginning the ghost story with “my mother’s best friend’s cousin told me this story…” 

And yet, there are some things that remain the same such as her love of chocolate ice cream, her worry over spiders that could be in the tent/cabin/bathroom, and her joy in finding out there is a swimming pool or lake at our destination. 

Regardless, I am apt to try and savor each moment I can. I know how quickly the time passes and there will be less interest in spending time with Mama. 

As I turned these thoughts over in my mind, I decided what my client didn’t need something to help her do more, but rather something that helps her slow down and savor.

My Calm the Flame is a Lavender blend. Lavender is well known for calming the nervous system and, as a bonus, it helps quell the itch from bug bites and calms mild muscle spasms (hello thigh muscles from summer horseback riding!). The grounding hint of vetiver is so deeply calming that often when I smell it, I take a deep sigh of relaxation.

Frankincense is excellent for centering and relaxing stress (especially around the chest). The Frankincense that I purchase is not only from a NAHA certified company, but it has an amazing delicate aroma unlike many of the overly pinene smelling ones that are overproduced from immature trees. The blend is used by many clients as a natural perfume as lavender blends so well with the woody resinous smell of frankincense.

I always show my clients my retail offering before I present custom blend options, due to my time restraints and the reality that custom blends cost more to make.

She appreciated the offer and then shyly asked what I make as a custom blend instead. I paused and said, “You know there is a reason why Calm the Flame is my most popular blend. Lavender is a pretty amazing botanical and Frankincense enhances everything.” I am happy to report another satisfied customer and a very satisfying conversation.