Autumn's Joy (and Overwhelm)

Autumn's Joy (and Overwhelm)

I remember my first fall in the Midwest. A cool wind blew in the evening in late August. It was a surprise to this southerner so accustom to hot humid days lasting well into October. Regardless, the light always dwindles and the transition to Autumn is an interesting time. Crops in the area are starting to yield more starchy vegetables unlike the juicy melons of later summer. Students return to school. Even if your work does not change, often people’s perception of work changes as they wake up in the dark and return from work in the dark.

There are only so many weekends to enjoy the “high color”, fall camping, or farmer’s markets before the season yields to a darker, quieter time.  Fall is a bustling time with a frenzy that can be overwhelming.  The change of the season can be stressing to the immune system.  In yoga, we recommend inversions and postures that strengthen the legs.  Two perfect postures for this time of year are Padahastana (jackknife pose) and Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog).  For a restorative posture, consider Balasana (child’s pose) which compresses the legs and is a mini-inversion. 

Botanical’s also have a wonderous offering.  It is not surprising that as the weather becomes windier and cooler, people naturally look for warming oils such as ginger, cinnamon, and clove. Hot water, lemon juice, honey, ginger combined are one of my premeditation morning beverages.   

The essential oil blends that I made for seasonal and travel transitions are my Immune Shield, Siren Song, and Emily Dickinson’s Chest Salve. The Immune Shield works wonders when you are run down. Evenings when I am feeling this way I try to go to bed early and put this salve on my chest and back. By morning I am back reenergized. Siren Song was developed for singers, speakers, and teachers. But it is great for days spent out in the wind. Both male and female clients love the sandalwood and lemon combination that are very centering and uplifting so much they often wear it as a natural perfume. Perhaps my favorite blend is Emily Dickinson’s Chest Salve which combines cypress and myrrh. I developed this blend for a client with a lingering and stubborn cough. We were both delighted with how it calmed her spasms. I was pleased with the added bonus the salve soothes mild anxiety.

What I particular love about my products is that are made with organic carrier oils. They are safely and carefully blended for effectiveness and an amazing aroma. I know they subtly help with wellness goals and needs, but many clients report the amazing impact these products have had on their life. One client mentioned that they are products of “high impact” for their cost. I asked what she meant and she said explained that they really do add that touch of luxurious wellness at a bargain price.