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Immune Shield

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I teach at a university and have a young child. Between the two activities, I was sick a lot. I developed this blend to help boast my immune system and reduce the duration and severity of my chronic lingering colds. I find the key is using it regularly especially when overworked, traveling, or around sick people. Frankincense is the star of this blend. In French medicinal uses it is known to promote vitality for nearly all systems, especially lungs and circulation. Frankincense also has a synergistic relationship with many essential oils. Saro and Ravintsara have components in them proven to reduce congestion and help the essential oil blend penetrate through the skin.

Resolves or Helps: immunity

Blend Descriptions: protects, restores

Size: 10 ml roller bottle or 1 oz salve

How to Use

Rub on chest or back. I use it daily during cold and allergy season. Always try oils or salves on a small patch of skin before using liberally.

Contraindications and safety concerns: As with any medication, check with your health care provider if you are pregnant or nursing or under medical supervision. Keep out of reach of children and animals. For external use only.

Storage: Store at 75-45 °F away from direct sunlight.

Child safe: This blend is not recommended for children under the age of 10. I have an immune blend for children.


Frankincense relaxes muscles and airways, synergy with other oils, relax muscles, reduces anxiety

Lemon boosts the immune system and facilitates the oil’s penetration through the skin, lifts the mood

Oregano improves immune function, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Tea Tree and Basil restores vital energy and has a wonderful affinity for healing the adrenals. It can reduce nausea, headaches as well as provide anti-viral support.

Saro and Ravintsara both have 1,8 cineole, which like eucalyptus, helps to clear congestion

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